December 31, 2011

Deal of the DAY! 70% off, don´t miss out!

It´s really a steal - November Rain kit only 1.95USD 

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Also my DSS store is on 40% off sale today 
and each coming day it will go down.
If you missed the Christmas sales, now is your chance!

I wish you and your families wonderful Silvester and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

See you soon!

PS: We´re doing well and everything is OK.


BlueCat said...

Beautiful kit!

Ariadne Akasha said...

I am glad to see all is OK! My thoughts and prayers are with you. Be sure to rest!

rabbitrun said...

Glad to hear all is ok. You disappeared for a while and I thought maybe a baby decided to come a bit early, like an early present. My granddaughter was born on Christmas Day last year. Hard day to have a Birthday party on.
The kit is beautiful. Thanks for the cluster frame.

marsie55 said...

Just bought November Rain .. how beautiful it is!!! Thank you for the beautiful freebie too! Hope all goes well in the next few days .. will be thinking of you!!

nibylandia said...