August 29, 2008

I´ve been awarded, Labourday sales, Birthday sales, freebie and much more

Oh, yesterday I had so tough day, I wasn´t able to write you any line, so I´m posting today, between the packing my stuff, hehe.

First of all, I´ve been awarded by very talented SASy Designer, Mamrotka. Wohoho!!!

What a great surprise, thank you soo much. These are the rules:

1. The winner can put the logo on her blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of the girls you've nominated.

I´m gonna nominate some blogs for sure next week, I need to think of them, you know!

There are going some great sales out there, be sure to check them as soon as possible, you don´t wanna miss them, do you? Everything is in sale! And my both stores MSS and SAS TOO!

Now, I can share more of the details of SASy´s big September Birthday Bash. Last week I mentioned, Candee’s SAS-y Layout Design Challenge (a great learning opportunity,) and our Designer contest. The big news this week is that SAS is going to have a Download a Day, this gorgeous kit has 183 elements and 137 papers, the first downloads will be available on September 1st. We will have a month long Scavenger Hunt, all of the SAS-y Ladies have contributed Brag Book pages, they will be hidden in the store and a list of clues will be given out. We will be giving out random RAKs all month long, just for posting in the SAS forum you can win coupons for designer products and SAS mega kits. We are still working on a few more things, but those will have to be a surprise for now. So if you like a big party plan on spending time at SAS in September, it will be the place to be!!

Here are the previews of DAD kit, what do you think?

And now, you´ve probably noticed that some sales in SAS are already running. Some of the sales do not start until the 30th or the 1st so, please, pay special attention to the start dates. Here are some ads to let you know, how big the sales are and when are finishing. Here is the link to the
newsletter, there are some newsletter only freebies and lots of specials and new products.

Ok, I think that´s it from me for now, gonna finish packing and hurray, weekend can start!! See you all later!!
OMG, I nearly forgot a freebie for you! I have a commercial use OK overlay this time with three already prepared papers, but it´s going to be available only at MSS as a August daily download on August 31st. As I´m not sure if I could connect from nature, lol, I´m showing you the freebie now, but don´t tell the MSS store management, okay? Enjoy. I´ll be back soon!

Stone Accents Studio celebrates its 1st Birthday!

August 28, 2008

Wohoho, weekend starts very soon!!!!

Yep, today is the last day, I´m going to the work this week and than I´m heading to my friend´s cottage to breath some fresh air and take lots of pictures. I´m gonna be there for 4 day I hope, so no scrapping or designing for me, just resting. Can´t wait to get some resty days, lol. Now I´m in a hurry, but I certainly be back tonight to let all know about some great happenings going around SAS and MSS. So stay tuned.

But I need to ask you this: Have you seen the latest Newsletter of SAS? No? Don´t worry, don´t go anywhere to look for it, cause HERE IT IS and I tell you, you MUST see it! Guess who is in the Designer Spotlight. (Me, me, lol). So jump there to find out what we´ve got for you, of course some freebies are there as well.

Now, to my new goodie. It´s available here at MSS and here at SAS for a very special price, so go and get it right now.

And how could I post without freebie, right?

What would you say about this marvelous QP? I LOVE it.

It´s created from my Bits of Mallorca kit by my wonderful friend Linda aka Hawra.
So now you really see, that you need to have this copy of SAS newsletter.

Now, I´m running to the work. Have a nice day everyone! And happy scrapping!

August 26, 2008

Freebie, again!

Wohoho, would you believe? This is my post number 100. I´ve just realised that when I started writting. I think I should celebrate, so watch out for some goodies. I have soo much to do tonight, so I´m gonna be quicky, at least I try, lol.

First of all, thank you for your marvelous comments of 4shared for yesterday´s freebie. Don´t have them many, but I love all of them and very appreciate that. A BIG THANK YOU goes to ALL of YOU, who found yourself time for leaving me some love and opinions on my designs.

As you might noticed I had a CT call. I decided to extend it until Friday - August 29th, so if you love my designs and love scrapping, why don´t you give it a try? Just write me at Can´t wait to hear from you.

And now, some business duties, hehe. Sir Scrapalot hosts at MSS a challenge called "Design a Kit". There is a palette color given with a topic, to create a kit. This month we have Back to school with these colors:

And here is my creation, I permit, that I´m not very good at this kind of fulfilment, where the topic is given, hehe. Actually I don´t mind at all for now, if you like it, just grab it. And if possible, just leave me your opinion somewhere. Thanks.

I´m sorry, the link expired.

Happy scrapping!

August 25, 2008

SASy news, my new kit and freebie, yeah...!!

Today was a very strange day. I slept only for three hours, but wasn´t feeling any tiredness throught the day. Maybe I feel that cool way because of my excitement of opening my new store at SAS. I communicate with some people nearly from management there, lol, and they are very lovely. I love SAS store since I knew it from Boo of BooLandDesigns. I still can believe I´ve made it.

So here it is. I´m having a really wild sale on everything you can see there, everything is reduced and you can save 40% off. I also have a new kit Bits of Mallorca and bragbook pages from thIS kit. They were created by my friend Michelle H. Salgado, we know each other from CT of BooLandDesigns. When I successed in something, I mean in something in our digiworld, it always reminds me the night when I was extremely exhausted by chasing all freebies out there and I don´t know how, but I suddenly was browsing Boo´s blog. Of course, I found there a CT call, so I wrote her. I really fell in love with her goodies and freebies and she took me to the CT. Gosh, it´s going to be nearly a year since I know Boo.

Ok, where was I, hehe, I turn from my new kit to BooLand, lol. So here are the previews of some layouts that were already created. Have a look, you´ll be amazed, how many creations are possible whith my new kit. Other layouts from my kits can be found HERE.







Trudie aka Scrapbrat





Trudie aka Scrapbrat





Now you probably have some ideas how my kit looks like. Am I right?

Ok, not gonna tease you anymore,
here are the previews and some close-ups.

And some close ups

And some close ups

So, don´t forget, I´m having the wild sale for two weeks.

And also have a freebie for you.

I´m sorry, the link expired.
Enjoy, I´m off to my bed now.

August 22, 2008

August Daily Download freebie and sale - 30% off

Everyday, here at MSS, you´ve got an opportunity to get something for free. Today, there is my piece of designing at MSS´s August Daily Download. And while you´re there, check it out my SALE on Blooming Dale goodies HERE. You can get some inspirations for creating layouts from my design´s gallery HERE. I have very limited sale on the Blooming Dale, so don´t miss it.
Blooming Dale Add on is available here at PickleberryPop.