September 29, 2009

Don´t miss last days of my sales

Don´t miss last days of my sales:

Surpriselandia Collab Freebie

Blízko mesta stojí peň,
zvieratká tam mali snem,
chválili sa celý deň.

Chváli sa líštička,
že je svetu milučká,

aj zajac sa chlapí,
mňa nik nedolapí.

Maco zas chváli sa,
slávny som basista.

Chvála kozy taká je,
že vám oči vykole.

One, two,
Buckle my shoe.

Three, four,
Knock at the door.

Five, six,
Pick up sticks.

Seven, eight,
Lay them straight.

Nine, Ten,
A big fat hen..

To bol riekankový úvod pre náš collab, zameraný na rozprávkový svet. Je plný žiarivých farieb, veselých zvieratiek, kvietkov, hríbikov, princov a princezien, hradov, kráľovských korún a všetkého, čo do takého to rozprávkového sveta patrí.

This was an intro of rhymes for our collab full of shiny colours, merry little animals, flowers, mushrooms, princes and princesses, castles, crowns and everything else that makes up the world of fairy tales.

Náš collab je obrovský a ohsahuje 61 papierov, 285 elementov, 6 abecied, 42 wordartov a 7 fotomasiek. Zapojilo sa 13 báb z príjemného miesta -, a to ja - Lara´s Digi World :), Pavlita, Palvinka design, Martina77, Klapinka, Marbella, Janett, XenaKM, Julova, Evercila, ZuzanaR, Zuzzka.p, Snoopy a JanaO.

The collab is pretty huge and contains 61 papers, 285 elements, 6 alphas, 42 wordarts and 7 photomasks. It was created by 13 girls from a very nice place - me - Lara´s Digi World :), Pavlita, Palvinka design, Martina77, Klapinka, Marbella, Janett, XenaKM, Julova, Evercila, ZuzanaR, Zuzzka.p, Snoopy, JanaO.

Nech sa páči (Here you are):

I wanted to participate a lot, so here is at least this small wordart addition of mine. I´m so sorry I was busy with my little boy and therefore wasn´t able to create more for this awesome fairy tale collab.

Download English version
password is: freebies

Please note, that I´m posting this very early as I won´t be able to come later to update my blog, so try to find the links for download on girl´s blogs about three hours later than on mine. Thank you for understanding.

Inšpirujúca ukážka (Inspiring preview) :

Ak sa Vám náš collab páči, budeme veľmi radi, ak nám zanecháte komentík,
alebo odkaz na vaše ločko.

If you like our collab please leave us a comment or link to your LO.

Príjemné scrapovanie.

Happy scrapping

September 26, 2009

SAS Progressive SALE starting with 60% off

It´s really crazy, so if you´ve been hesitating with shopping, now you shouldn´t.
Everything is marked down, even commercial use goodies.

September 24, 2009

PINK Romance Freebie and Clipping Masks in my stores

Have a look on these beautiful clipping masks I have in all my shops. For a demonstration I used some pics of our lovely little boy Kubko. Watch out his long hair, lol. And tomorrow he´s going to be 13 months old. Isn´t he cute?

The masks shop here at PBP, here at CSD or here at SAS. And while you´re there, don´t forget to check out my other goodies too, I put some of them on different sales.

created by my talented creative team girls.

lo by Denny

lo by Martina

lo by Martina77

lo by Melle

lo by Rabiva

lo by Bryanna

lo by Sonrisa

lo by Rabiva

lo by Szrjudit

lo by Szrjudit

lo by Soyka

lo by Soyka

And now, freebie time, it´s a quickpage by Denny. Enjoy!!

Download here, password is "freebies".

September 18, 2009

PINK Romance revealed, coupons and freebies

It´s 4 am in the morning and I can´t sleep again so I already released my new kit in all my shops and now I´m little behind with my post, lol. Here it comes anyway, so have a seat with your coffee and make yourself comfortable as many lovely pieces will follow.

Finally I managed to finished this awesome and full of romance kit "PINK Romance". It´s a huge one once again, I just couldn´t stop myself and I must tell you, many elements I haven ´t included because it would be really maybe the hugest kit ever. And have you seen more than one AddOn to any kit? I haven´t, lol. So, maybe I´ll do another one or make a freebie from it. I´ll see.

So, sit down please, the kit contains 11 papers, 1 overlay and 89 elements. Not all are shown on my preview. I have the add on to the kit and it contains 9 papers, 16 elements, 7 different wordarts, 3 of them are also in desaturated form, 1 photomask, 3 photo block templates, 3 templates and 1 layout template in psd.

And for a very limited time you can get the add on for free with buying the kit. How cool again, hmm?? Shopping time, you can get both goodies HERE at PBP, HERE at CSD or HERE at SAS. Please, be carefull, at PBP and CSD you need to add both items to your cart to take effect of the discount, at SAS I created a special product, so just look for the special offer, no need to add both goodies to your cart. And while you´re at my stores, look around, everywhere are some sales, on PBP and SAS only some goodies are discounted and at CSD I´m still having sale on all of my goodies I was able to upload before grand opening.

Here are some layouts for your inspiration. Imagine, I did manage to find some time to make a RAK for my friend Ada, she was pregnant while I was and has a cute little girl only three weeks younger than our Kubko is. And it wouldn´t be so strange that I scrapped, but for the first time I scrapped with MY own kit and I don´t understand now why I didn´t earlier.

Here it is and Ada and her husband were so happy when they saw my layout. Hope you like it too. :)

More layouts created by my creative team are shown below and by deeper look you´ll see that we can scrap our little boys with pink too :) I´m impressed.















Berdulinka, one of my lovely girl created a quickpage from her layout,
you can download it HERE.
Password is freebies. Enjoy!


ldw_pinkoff100 for 2 of you - you´ll get the kit with the add on absolutely free, shop HERE
ldw_pinkoff50 for 2 of you - you´ll get the kit with the add on with a discount of 50% - shop HERE

Uff, 5:45am here and I think it was my fastest post I have ever written with making previews, please excuse some mess if you feel one, lol. Off to bed now for some minutes as our Kubko will probably get up any minute and it reminds me I promised you last time some new pictures of him, but I´m not able to upload any other pics, I´m finally tired a little. Hope you´ll understand. Will do it next time, maybe with some more coupons, who knows. Stay tuned.

September 14, 2009

Soo many things... new kit coming soon... new CT... and more

OMG, time flies soo fast, can´t catch up everything I wish. Luckily, my DS is the cutest cutie on the world. He only cries when he´s hungry, you would maybe think it´s a lot, but not that much that would annoy me. In spite of it, I wasn´t very happy all the time from my last post. I was discussing a collab kit with my good digi friend and great designer, but we somehow couldn´t work it out and I was really very sad about it. Sooo, no collab for this moment, but at the end of my post you can see sneak previews of my new huge kit.

And, still have some unfinished duties, girls, thank you for your lovely comments on my previous post!!! I´m choosing comments by RebeccaB for the longest comment and justclick for the last one. Watch out your emails girls for your choosen kit and don´t forget I´d love to see your layouts, yaay!

Now, please, help me welcome my new awesome creative team, I´m soo happy, that some of the girls stayed and more happier that I´ve found some amazing scrappers too. Just scroll down to see their amazing layouts using my Paint the World kit and Paint the World AddOn.

Would you like to get the addon for free??? Just head to my CoolScrapsDigital store where I´m still having "Grand Opening Sale" and buy anything you like. By adding the addon to your cart and by purchasing any goodie, you´ll get the addon totally free. Get some inspirations from layouts below by my very creative team and guests. Click their nicknames to get even more scrapping inspirations.

As you already know, lol, I´m going to release my new kit very soon, so stay tuned to get it maybe for free, some coupons and freebies will be available for sure!

Happy scrapping!!!!