November 28, 2008

Awesome news and some sales!!!

OMG, 4 long weeks I haven´t blogged about anything! Shame on me!
Al least I should´ve let you know what´s going on with me, but I felt soo sick I just couldn´t. Next week I´m finishing 1st trimester, oh yes, I´m going to have a baby in June, my very first one. And I´ve had terrible sicknesses through whole days. I´m getting little better, but you know, it still can turn the other way. One days I feel in perfect condition, the other day I spend only in bed. So I need to wait until the sickness will gone and than I´ll start desing like mad. Lol. At least I hope so.

Today was a very good day, I was able to create something little for you. I have soooo many goodies undone, just can´t help myself to finish them. You know, even unborn, but my baby comes first, wow, so many changes are coming my way. Can´t wait to beat them. Hohoho, somebody stop me.

Ok, so best things are, that I´m having sale at SAS - you can save 50% nearly on all of my products and at PBP you can save 50% on all of my products, even on my new goodie. So just click here to go to PBP or click here to go to SAS.

And you still have some time to join my Font Challenge at SAS and you can get this amazing posting bonus. More information here.

Have fun and happy scrapping!

November 1, 2008

Do you shop today?

Another great sales are at MSS. Just start at my store, lol. Everything is reduced, even CU items.

Here are some previews of the kits I used in my LO for my friend Claudette from BooLand and she is also a designer at MSS. Jump to her store HERE.

And here is my LO with the kits.