October 9, 2008

My remade kit, layouts for inspiration, freebie and more

Sooo, I´m pretty upset now, I´ve lost the whole post I´ve written, so I have to start everything all over again. I hate this kind of things and even double when I write in the dark night and want my bed, lol!!!

Some of you have asked where my freebie Summer June´s gone. Well, it was for a while at my MSS store, but it was in three pieces. So I decided to do a remake of it. I got rid of some elements, added many new and left the papers as they were. The best part of this thing is, that you can get them for a very great price and even you´ll get a BONUS for free. How cool is that?
The kit with the bonus will be available after finishing the chat here at MSS at 9 pm Eastern. I´m sorry I can´t be there, it´s too late for me, it´s 4 am in the morning then and I need to get up to my work at 7 am. You see, I can´t make it. But you´ll get my freebie here on my blog. Yay!

Now, just sit down, relax and enjoy, some very pretty layouts from Back in Summer are on the way.

Back in Summer - preview of the kit

Summer June Bragbook pages created by fabulous Michelle H. Salgado, you´ll get them free when you´ll buy my kit. It´s going to be in sale from Friday, you can get it here in New release section.

And now, enjoy admiring the layouts created by my awesome and very talented creative team, some of them were done for my Font Challenge at SAS.

Butterfly Kisses by Franlk

Precious by Julova

Dypchal by Hengy

Lo by Hengy

Lo by Janao

Your many faces by Julova

This moment by Enique

Blue eyes by Denny

Rose Trellis by Ladye

Summer Color by Ladye

Lo by Iriweb

Cool Summer by JanaO

Bara - Lara by Miraza

JanaO used some of the bb´s

And finally, I have a freebie for you.

I´m sorry, the link expired.
Going to bed now, tralala.
Good night, have fun and happy scrapping!

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Suzee said...

Thank you sooooo much for your super sweeeeet generosity!!! Here is some ♥"Link Love."♥ Hope it helps brighten your day!