October 9, 2008

Come to our party at MSS

Here are some really good reasons to come:
1. A free gift from Lucie B that is like no other.
2. A free gift from Ladybug Designs that you will have tons of uses for.
3. A series of free gifts from Pillowgirl, get a minikit each week at our chat and they all tie together. You will love this mega whopper when it's done.
4. A goodie bag from Sir Scrapalot.
5. You get to see our new products first.
6. You just might win a really cool prize.
7. Scrapbooking is a family activity, so no need to lock your kids in the closet.8. It's not like there's anything on TV that you can't record.
9. There will be designers, CT Members, and ET Members PLUS Trish, all here trying to entertain you without talking over each other too much.
10. More free gifts.
Where? Here!
By the way, this is a weekly chat, but Thursday the 9th is our first so it's a real kick off party.

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