February 5, 2008

Some great things happens around me and my friends

TOP TEN of the things I´d like to point out:

1. Opening our own forum and gallery

2. Smooth running of super cool Ashaleeandsweet Store

3. New Fabulous Mistical Morning kit by SweetMade
Right now in sale, save 25% off!!!

Preview of the Mistical Morning Kit

4. My LO with Mistical Morning kit

Credit here

5. Opening Boo´s Blossoms blog with freebie,
first challenge, and many prizes

6. Amy Sumrall starts selling

SweetValentine Scrap kit by SweetMade
exclusive February issue of ScrappersGuide.com

8. My LO with SweetValentine kit

Credit here

9. Fancy Valentine freebie by my friend hawra

Credit here

It´s TOP TEN, so there shouldn´t have been any more numbers,
that´s why I have some ADDONs in letters, xixi.

Credit here

Credit here

1 comment:

KrisG said...

1st I want to thank your for leaving such a lovely comment on my blog! I don't get very much traffic since I'm so new at this so it was a JOY to see someone comment. Usually nobody does, LOL.

2nd, I have to say that you have a GORGEOUS blog!!! Your layouts are FABULOUS... can you say SCRAPLIFT! You're in my favs now... such inspiration here!!!! Thanks for all the show and tell! Hugz,