June 12, 2010

Ready for Soccer?

We in theStudio are!
So, If the Designers team is playing,
their store is on sale for 50% OFF.
How cool is that, hmm?

Don´t miss these incredible sales
don´t miss my store sales on June 15th, 20th, 24th.

Click the image or HERE for a schedule.

Luckily there will be some more sales in my store,
but only if Slovakian team move forward.
Fingers crossed, GO Slovakia GO!

Finals are July 11th and if any of our teams make it to the finals....
that Designer(s) store will be on sale for July 11th only at 75% off!!!!

It would be great, if my country - Slovakia, could make it!
Are you all in the soccer spirit now?

To top it all off, we´re hiding one soccer ball per day. Somewhere in new products.
If you find the ball, click on the ball. There are two coupons per ball.

Coupon #1 is for a one FREE June 2010 Mega - June's First Blush.
First come, first serve. If the coupon doesn't work... you are too late!

The second coupon is for 5-15% OFF all personal use products storewide.
Coupons vary daily so be sure to hunt daily.
Just look for the soccer ball (only in New Products)
& click the soccerball to download the coupon code.

I hope, you´ll have lots of fun with us!!!
Happy Scrapping!


Lelishna said...

If the ball download as an image without coupons does it mean that it is already used? :)

Lelishna said...

Ou, I understood, it must be in the store :)))) sorry