April 5, 2015

Market Fresh Coordinated Collection

Another awesome coordinated collection created by designers of Digital Scrapbooking Studio is up. All individual pieces are available for $1 through April 13 only! Build your unique collection, pick up your favorites!

Last year in May I visited London and for creating new coordinated collection Market Fresh I found inspiration in the world famous Portobello Market. You find everything you can think of there - antiques section, new goods, fashion market, second hand goods, plenty of fruit and vegetables, cakes and cookies, friendly people, great drinks, famous movie places and a lot more.

Portobello Road goes straight through the heart of Notting Hill, the trendy area of London made famous by the film. I love the film and if you haven't seen it yet, you should. I can it watch over and over again.

So far, I created 2 element packs, 3 paper packs and 1 overlay accents. Check all my 6 products out now.

Check out amazing layouts by Jk2x, Pepette, Pelzi and Kama.

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