May 9, 2011

1.99$ Monday Madness and NEW CU goodies

Hi everyone!! How was your weekend? Did you make some awesome shoppings? I did and I´m pretty tired from sitting and hunting around for great savings, lol.

Here are my new CU goodies (soon will be in all of my stores), only $1.99 each, but my whole CU4YOU store is still on this sale, check it out HERE. (Pssst, just added them to my DSW store too, and they are even on bigger sale, only $1 each, check it out now!)

Also, I´d love to remind you that today is the last day of iNSD sales in all of my stores. If you´re missing something, now is your last chance. No sales will be around soon. Check out my previous post for further information.

See you soon!

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