November 17, 2010

Holding my Miracle Charity Collab

A birth of a new life is almost the biggest miracle in the world. The minute the baby is born is an unforgettable experience not only for the parents but also and maybe mainly for the baby himself. It is the time of joy, happiness and fulfilment. Many things change with the birth of a baby. Sometimes it happens that the baby is born earlier than expected. Sometimes it happens that despite being born in the full-term, the baby needs a help of health professionals – something might not be quite all right.

And that might be the time when the baby’s parents are experiencing fear, shock and terror. Instead of cuddling their baby, instead of holding their little miracle in their arms, they have to watch their tiny baby being locked in an incubator and connected with many different machines... And that is the time when the waiting will begin, when there is fear and worries, silent prayers, sleepless nights. The time when the parents are eagerly awaiting any good news, any small success. The time when all their life values change rapidly. 

We have decided to help these babies and their parents who are passing through these difficult times. We have decided to help via selling this collab and sending all the money collected to the account of “BabyKangaroos” – the charity project of a charitable organization Zrnka (Grains). 

“BabyKangaroos” project is trying to help everywhere where there is a need – sharing parents stories about their babies, sewing and knitting tiny clothes, hats, stabilizers and other items for premature babies, providing rehabilitation instruments or special breast pumps for the breast milk. They cooperate with all the perinatology centers in the Czech Republic, with all the individual neonatology wards. Every year there is about 8000 premature babies born in the Czech Republic. They are all treated on a highly professional level.

By buying this collab you can help to make this care even better.

We thank you very much for your help.

17th November is a Prematurity Awareness Day and this is the reason we´re releasing this charity collab.

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