March 31, 2009

Closing my store at SAS

I´ve been thinking about leaving SAS for longer time and three days ago I made a final decision to leave this place and close my store. The March was pretty busy actually for me. Had no time for designing (I have two or three kits undone), for changing my blog (I´m sick of it for a while, lol) and fulfill all my duties for SAS and the main reason is my fiance´s Amigos bar and restaurant. I´m helping him with paperworks and other needed stuff. Although it´s getting better, I think, it was the best decision I could make, with my upcoming baby too.

There were some kits in my SAS store I didn´t offer at PBP, but I´m planning to reload some of them and upload to my store as soon as possible.

This way I´d love to thank to all of you who participated in my Font Challenge at SAS and to all my customers who love my design. You still can find me at PickleberryPop, which is also very lovely place. Come and see for yourself!


Cindyrelly said...

Hi Lara ;) Sounds like you've got your hands full already and once the little angel gets here then you will be quite busy! I tried to look @ your Amigos Restaurant website but I guess the language is Slovak and I only know English. I will have to come check the forum @ pickleberry sometime if I ever get time to do any challenges! Plus there's always facebook :)) {{{Big Hug}}} Cindy

Amberpony Creates said...

Enjoy that extra time to due your family things