March 22, 2008

Any help with error code bX-4smx9i on my blog??

Dear blogger friends,

I thought that changing a look of blog is quite simple, well I was wrong.
I´m trying to change a template here on my blog and everytime I wanna save the new one, I get this message with the error code bX-4smx9i.
I´ve written also to blogger help, but I´m impatient, so I´m trying any help.

Does any of you know what should I do?
I´ve cleared all the cookies, changed Explorer to Mozilla, tried many other templates.
It works with templates from blogger, unfortunately it doesn´t have a 3 column one, so I have found one by myself here.

Thank you for at least reading my message.


mercuri said...
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demigdo said...

I had the same error some time ago.I tried deleting all the HTML widgets from the layout and now it doesnt appear.

I also wrote a post about this